Deconstructing our Faith with John Williamson | Episode 40

Do you believe in what you believe because someone told you to, or because you really connect with it? Can you deconstruct your faith in order to strengthen it? Does your faith grow and evolve with you?

In this podcast episode, Billy and Brandy Eldridge speak with John Williamson about deconstructing our faith.

Meet John Williamson

The Deconstructionists is a podcast about building new faith. It’s all about construction, but sometimes that means you have to deconstruct a little.

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In This Podcast


  • Questions, not arguments
  • Living in faith

Questions, not arguments

On John and Adam’s Deconstructionist podcast, space is provided for people to ask questions without fearing judgment.

For anyone who was brought up in a religious household, there comes a time when they reach a certain age that they start to question and they perhaps seek more understanding and guidance. However, this can be a stressful experience because there are conservative circles in the religious community that argue with and shun anyone who questions.

But you guys don’t do that, you don’t take part in that, you don’t get into argument, you don’t get into ‘let’s debate to prove it for somebody’ but you’re doing it to expand your way of thinking and that’s what I appreciate. (Brandy Eldridge)

Living in faith

I think so many people, when they really take a look at their own faith journey, it seems very anxiety filled and I just don’t think it’s supposed to be that way. I think our relationship with God is supposed to be this relationship of love, joy, peace and grace you know, those positive words. (John Williamson)

For John, living in faith is not meant to be something that makes you anxious or afraid or feel guilt-ridden. If that is your relationship with the Divine, then perhaps consider taking a deep-dive into why it is you feel that way, and what does that say about how you view God.

Once you start going down this path, you can deconstruct your faith into something that moves and connects, and inspires you, instead of making you feel panicked or believing in fear.

You know, I’m probably never going to have a suitable answer in this lifetime and that’s okay because there are some things we can hang our head on like the teachings of Jesus … I think we could do a better job of loving one another, loving your neighbor as yourself, taking care of the poor, sick and the marginalized and in doing that, that’s our best opportunity to get a glimpse of the essence of God’s character. (John Williamson)

Books mentioned

Rob Bell – Love Wins

Richard Rohr – Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life

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