Lindsay Blount: A Family Secret and Finding Her Identity | Episode 43

Is your identity based on your history or based on your choices? What does it take to undergo a massive shift and then come back to yourself? What power resides in stillness?

In this podcast episode, Billy and Brandy Eldridge speak with Lindsay Blount about her family secret and finding her identity.

Meet Lindsay Blount

Lindsay Blount has a lot of labels: she’s a wife, a mom, a doctoral student, an assistant to a Dean, a writer, and a photographer. Recently, she had her identity completely uprooted when she took a 23andMe DNA test during the pandemic and found out some shocking news.

In the last year, Lindsay has taken a deep dive into identity and its meaning down to the root. She challenges everyone to consider identity as something that is not a fixed part of your being, rather it is something you can learn and relearn.

Lindsay is currently writing her first book on identity shake-ups and she hopes her story will inspire everyone to rip out the roots of their own identity and start creating a more true and authentic one.

In This Podcast


  • You are real
  • Sit in the stillness
  • Find joy outside of yourself

You are real

Everyone at some point in their lives will have a moment that shifts their world. When that time comes and you are suspended in the change before finding reality, remember to tell yourself “I am real”. In any major identity shift or change, your baseline remains the same; you are real.

No matter the change, betrayal, or knowledge that might try to disprove you, remember that where you sit and stand you are a whole person already and nothing can take that fact away from you.

Sit in the stillness

When we are faced with immense change and a shift in identity the first thing we do is run and distract ourselves. Instead, when we sit in the stillness of the storm, we are able to actually process the evolution and take it onboard instead of pushing it away simply because it may hurt.

I definitely was forced into stillness and it probably accelerated my growth because I was, because I had to sit with it and listen to a lot of Taylor Swift and Glennon Doyle. I’m grateful for it now, I’m grateful that I pushed through all of that. (Lindsay Blount)

Find joy outside of yourself

With any shift that draws you into its unyielding orbit, find joy outside of its pull. Do or try something completely new and different in order to reclaim yourself and prove to yourself that you are capable of surviving change and coming out the other side, stronger and changed for the better.

Had it not been for this massive identity shift for me to try get outside of myself and create a new identity I would never have found photography. (Lindsay Blount)

Chasing joy in a childlike way reconnects us to our inner own child, and it does take some healing to reach this place with authenticity, however, once we do, it is a way for us to reclaim our personage.

Books mentioned in this episode

Nancy Verrier – The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child

Glennon Doyle – Untamed

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