Disrupt and Recover in Arizona | Episode 45

In a tight spot, do you give up before the miracle happens? What happens if you hang on just a little bit longer? What happens between disruption and equilibrium?

In this podcast episode, Billy and Brandy Eldridge speak about disrupting and recovering in Arizona.

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  • How disruption can bring up some ugly
  • High expectations

As our friend Joe Sanok has shown us sometimes you need to leave to find. We struck out and headed to Arizona to rest and relax only to be reminded we have deeper issues that have been hidden. There were untold parts of our soul longing for articulation. These words fought to find themselves through arguments and unmet expectations. Much how the fog of the Grand Canyon eventually lifted to reveal its beauty the heaviness we had been carrying let go of us when we spoke about the hard things. It brought us unwilling and defiant back to humility and gratitude. Thank you, Arizona.

How disruption can bring up some ugly

In a daily routine with someone, life can get so busy and into a certain rhythm that if and when stuff comes up to deal with, the quickest way to get it over with is it stuff it down until later.

Then, when later comes in the form of a break from routine, all these issues come up to the surface again asking for attention.

Spending time away from your daily routine with your partner is a valuable space for you to reconnect and smooth out these disagreements, as well as to remember your partner and be with your partner outside of the context of a daily homebound routine.

Don’t quit before the miracle happens … don’t give up because your miracle just might be right around the corner. (Billy Eldridge)

High expectations

We can become caught up in the day-to-day and slowly compile these high expectations on our partners because we get so wrapped up in everything, we no longer see them as individuals but as another to-do on the list.

Spending time with your partner to clear the fog between you and reconnect with the person they are underneath the daily grind and underneath the compounding expectations will have you realize that they are just a person as you are.

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