Tripp Kramer Shares Dating Advice for Shy Guys | Episode 49

Are you going back into the dating world, or you have been in the dating scene for a while? Which crucial skills and steps are men taught in order to help them succeed in the dating world? What is a piece of advice that women can take when it comes to dating men?

In this podcast episode, Billy and Brandy Eldridge speak with the LA Dating Coach, Tripp Kramer about how he helps men gain the confidence to succeed in the world of dating.

Meet Tripp Kramer

Image of LA Dating Coach Tripp Kramer speaking to Billy and Brandy Eldridge on the Beta Male Revolution PodcastTripp Kramer is an international dating coach for men. He created his “TED system” to help shy men confidently attract the women they desire. In his earlier years, he was a shy guy who figured out through trial and error how to get better and meeting, dating, and finding the right type of woman for you.

He currently has a popular podcast on iTunes called “How To Talk To Girls” and has a book called Magnetic which teaches all his secrets on dating and attraction.

Visit his website and sign up to work with him here. Connect on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Listen to his podcast here.

In This Podcast


  • Building confidence
  • How to properly approach women
  • Who pays for the date?
  • Some common insecurities

Building confidence

I do believe that confidence – and the reason why anyone becomes confident – is because they become competent in something, so confidence comes from competence. In order to become confident with women, it’s like getting confident with anything else that we do … the more you go out and talk to them, converse with them [the easier it gets] …. And guys don’t do that because its very hard [initially]. (Trip Kramer)

When you first start talking to women and getting used to the discomfort of doing something new that you are not used to, some men feel intimidated and judged by other men who are more comfortable than they are in that situation.

Tripp coaches men to become used to rejection, and learn to overcome the fear of rejection, not in the way that they then become complacent, but that they do not let it stop them from continuing to speak to women and grow their confidence.

When men become more confident in the things they do, they become more confident with themselves.

How to properly approach women

  1. Do not rely on something external: Avoid drinking and drugs to give you that momentary confidence boost, no matter how helpful it may be because it is not sustainable and can turn into a bad habit of needing to have a drink in your hand just to speak to a woman.
  2. Tripp takes his clients through a system of desensitization, which is essentially practicing something over and over again until you are no longer afraid of it.

Who pays for the date?

In Tripp’s opinion, it is a question of decency, and who set up the date. If the man asks the woman out, he should pay. If a few dates down the line the woman asks the man out on a date, she should pay.

There is also an element of attractiveness when someone is able to pay the bill, whether they are male or female because it shows success and a type of caring-dominance.

In Tripp’s experience and opinion though, on the first date, the man should pay. Down the line if and when the woman offers to pay, that same man should accept her offer and be okay with her paying too.

Some common insecurities

I would say the biggest stumbling block is not feeling good enough [because] it just becomes the guy putting the woman on a pedestal in the sense where he feels that any woman who is attractive is just automatically more valuable than him. (Tripp Kramer)

When a man feels insecure or less deserving of worth because he is interacting with an attractive woman, he may feel the need to constantly impress her and think he needs to do so many things to get her.

This process of degrading yourself to get closer to someone else is unattractive and it can lead you down a bad path of sourness and resentment.

You have to invest in yourself as well, and build your self-esteem by:

  • Keeping the promises you make to yourself.
  • Surround yourself with people who are trying to better themselves and who will lift you up. Surround yourself with people who bring you up and do not tear you down.

If you see yourself as a guy you like and you see yourself as valuable and then you see a beautiful woman, you’re going to say ‘oh, why wouldn’t this woman like me, I’m awesome’ and that’s not in an arrogant way because arrogance is ‘I’m better than you’ … but confidence is ‘I’m awesome’ and I think that’s the big difference there. (Tripp Kramer)

Books mentioned in this episode

Neil Strauss – The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

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