CEO and Executive Team Coach, Molly Tschang, Is A Powerhouse of Kindness | Episode 50

How can you move through insecurities to meet yourself, confident and clear? What can you do to create a workspace that encourages personal growth and honest, beneficial communication? Can you lean into the discomfort to better yourself?

In this podcast episode, Billy and Brandy Eldridge speak with Molly Tschang who is a powerhouse of kindness.

Meet Molly Tschang

Image of Molly Tschang speaking to Billy and Brandy Eldridge on the Beta Male Revolution PodcastFounder and CEO of Abella Consulting, Molly Tschang helps senior management to Win As One—which companies often never even try to do—guiding them to commit to each other’s success and build powerful chemistry to lead together.

She is also creator and host of the Say It Skillfully® Radio Show and video series, and a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches initiative. Molly serves on the boards of several privately-held companies and the Cornell Engineering College Council and is a CornellTech guest lecturer on teams and leadership.

Molly has held executive leadership positions at Cisco Systems and U.S. Filter, where she led the integration of over 80 acquisitions globally and helped management navigate rapid change and uncertainty in high growth environments. An advocate of social enterprise, she also served as the executive director for NetHope and is a fellow of the RSA (royal society for the arts, manufactures and commerce) and board member of Community Solutions, a finalist for the 2021 $100 million MacArthur Foundation “100 & Change” award for accelerating the end of homelessness.

Visit her website and Say It Skillfully. Connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

In This Podcast


  • Being able to be your full self
  • Helping people through their insecurities
  • Throw ‘should’ out the window

Being able to be your full self

I find that to be so core, to be your full self is the way forward. If we had that in the world, even 5% more, we’d be in a crazy better place and so I really wish that for all the people I know: to be comfortable in your own skin, to love yourself first and to be able to have that confidence which then enables you to serve. It is very hard to serve if you are worried about yourself. (Molly Tschang)

We all have insecurities at times and move through spaces in our lives where we feel better or worse, but there comes a point in our journey towards ourselves where we know – regardless of unpredictable life – that we are going to be okay.

Helping people through their insecurities

If you’re not leaning into some kinds of discomfort, discomfort is a sign of growth and we’re not trying to make it super painful but I do encourage that for folks and the curiosity, not the judging, the curiosity to say ‘hey, what’s out there, what could be better?’ (Molly Tschang)

When something painful comes up, it is very easy to point the finger and place the blame of the discomfort on someone or something else. Molly offers that when you find yourself doing this, change the focus from them onto you and see what is going on for you in this situation.

Be curious and don’t judge yourself because self-awareness is a key attribute among some of the world’s most successful people, and it is especially amplified when it is connected to self-compassion.

It takes courage to go into that space of looking at yourself in these tough situations. Some people will set themselves free and other people will hold onto the tension.

Please be your best friend and not your worst enemy … you can choose to traumatize yourself, totally your call, I would just ask [you] to ask yourself: ‘would you let your best friend do that?’ and the answer is no. You’d be like ‘darling, what’s the deal?’ (Molly Tschang)

Mistakes are okay. Mistakes are learning opportunities to learn what you did not know and to take steps to not repeat the same mistake. Something that can help you in this is learning how to laugh with yourself in sincere compassion – don’t take yourself so seriously.

Throw ‘should’ out the window

The word ‘should’ is a sticky, loaded, and often malicious word that you can use against yourself or to fuel your anger towards others. It lives in the past but spurs emotions in the present. Let it go from your vocabulary.

Own the reality as it is, the situation as it is, and say ‘do you want to make it better, or do you want to be right?’ … lose the right and figure out what is going to serve the ‘whole’, what is the intention here. (Molly Tschang)

It takes a lot to manage this, because sometimes there may be times when someone has truly been wrong or made a mistake and they refuse to own it – yet – and in those moments send compassion to them and to yourself.

Forgive them for your sake, because it takes a lot of energy to hold on to that anger and to expect an apology from someone who is still too closed off to realize they need to say it.

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