Interview with the Alpha: Brandy’s Story | Episode 5

Interview with the Alpha: Brandy's Story | BMR 05

What does it mean to step into your story? Are you comparing yourself to other people? How can you embrace your trauma?

In this podcast, Billy and Brandy Eldridge share insight into Brandy’s story about being a latchkey kid, facing various types of insecurities, embracing trauma, and hustling for worthiness.

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You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for worthiness – Brené Brown

Brandy’s story

That’s my story, it’s all of the above, it’s a wrestle, it’s a push and pull, it’s an inner hippy wanting to get out, it’s this sense of responsibility to make the world a better place. It’s being insecure and living in all these insecurities that come up all the time, and it’s this constant struggle of pushing them back and being confident and being a world changer or trying to be. It’s a story like everybody else’s

At 10 years old Brandy moved to Texarkana, East Texas from San Franciso, California. She thinks to herself, “Where the hell am I in this God-forsaken land?” There were no sidewalks, no skyscrapers, people talked funny and she couldn’t understand what they were saying. There were traditions and there were old Southern roots that she knew nothing about. Brandy knew that this new place she found herself was worlds apart from the place she grew up in.

Growing up in California being raised by a single mom, she had an absent father as her parents divorced when she was very young, all Brandy knew was that her mother was a place of safety and she was resilient. They moved around a lot and Brandy was always in and out of schools. At the age of 5, Brandy was a latchkey kid and because of all her trauma, she deals with a lot of food, financial, and educational insecurity.

Brandy had never intended to go to college as she had always just thought she would go straight into work. But all of her friends started going to college so she applied for a scholarship and got one for voice, she wanted to sing on Broadway. She, however, decided against this as she was financially insecure and didn’t want to be poor so she went into education and became a teacher.

In her second year of teaching, at the age of 22, she took off to Europe for a year. Once she came back she got her Masters’s Degree and worked for a corporate company in Dallas. Brandy was paid really well for this job and she absolutely loved working there. At this point though, she was gaining weight and couldn’t lose it, despite working out and eating less, she thought it was because of stress so she went to the doctor and had some tests done. Her results came back showing that she had a brain tumor.

I don’t like being defined by my circumstances, that is not going to be who I am.

Brandy very quickly made peace with death, did chemo all by herself for 8 months, and then moved back to East Texas, had surgery to remove the tumor. Fast forward to later down the line, Billy married Brandy and was told she couldn’t have kids. They now have 3!

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