Mild At Heart | Episode 3

Mild At Heart | BMR 03

Are you mild at heart? Do you ever feel like you have imposter syndrome? Are you living as your most authentic self?

In this podcast, Billy and Brandy Eldridge talk about embracing your authentic self and moving past the imposter syndrome. 

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  • What does the world tell you?
  • How did Brandy fall in love with a beta like Billy?

What does the world tell you?

For betas, a lot of the world tells you to man up and fake it to you make it. What they really mean is man up in an alpha way. This can cause a lot of people to try and become someone they’re not. It’s time to embrace your most authentic self and move past the fraud.

British Psychology states that imposter syndrome hits men harder than women. Imposter syndrome can also mean being a peacock or puffing out.

Do you ever feel like a kid playing dress-up in reality? Billy did, and he couldn’t keep it up. It wasn’t until later in life that he was able to take that mask off. There are rooms of people like Billy.

Now I have a seat at the table and have a different skill set to bring and people appreciate that.

How did Brandy fall in love with a beta like Billy?

Brandy knew Billy would love her more than she loved herself and would accept her for who she is. Where Billy and Brandy live, it’s not really culturally acceptable to be a beta. Brandy and Billy aren’t the typical southern family. Brandy doesn’t cook, Billy does, and he loves it. Brandy doesn’t want to be a stay at home mom. 

Through their marriage, Billy has been able to let Brandy be who she is and gave her permission to do so. They wanted to be 50/50 in everything together. It takes a really strong man to do that.

The number one comment people say on their relationship is, “well we know who wears the pants in this family” Billy responds with “I don’t even know what that means.”

Women will say things like, “We know Billy is sweet, compassionate, and kind but I’m sure he puts his foot down.” Brandy wonders what that means? Because Billy is the man, he gets to put his foot down?

The best, healthiest Billy is when he knows who and what he is, and he can impact the people he’s meant to impact. It’s such an easier load to carry than trying to be someone he’s not.

It’s okay to be mild at heart and it’s also okay to be wild at heart.

Are you ready to find the freedom to be yourself as a beta male? Do you want permission and tools to be your best beta? Are you ready to join the revolution to find strength as a beta? If you want to be comfortable in your skin and be the most authentic beta male, then our free beta revolution course is for you. Sign up for free.

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